A recap of the best sex Snapchat stories in April 2020

April has many good nsfw Snapchat videos posted on FKBAE. Here we have the top 5 clips. These include some of the best Snapchat asses and pussies from both Western and Asian girls.

Remember that in this blog post we only upload short gifs/clips of the Snapchat videos. To watch the full videos you need to click on the links to go to their own pages.

1. Hot Snapchat slut fucked by BBC in a jeep on first date

What a lucky man. He is on the first date with this sexy slut, and she is already riding his cock in the back of his car while he is filming with Snapchat. She thrusts her body up and down until he decides to go in for a little more and sticks his thumb on her anal lips. Her perforated asshole perks out as she slides her wet pussy up and down on his cock. They have no fear of being caught and are totally trapped in the moment. She thrusts harder, and her long, black hair sloshes from side to side while she moans and pleads for more. She takes full control of the situation and pushes his cock deeper into her tight cunt without slowing down.

The action gets faster and this dude has had one of the best first dates of his life. His big black cock is just enough for her, but she isn’t finished yet. Once her pussy has had enough, she hops off and prepares her mouth for a little fun. She wraps her plump lips around his fat cock before sucking. She bobs her head up and down and it is clear that her gag reflexes are out of this world. Why can’t all first dates conclude with such a fantastic ending?

2. Horny tipsy Snapchat teen with big titties gets demolished in a dorm room

Jacking off is nice, but a guy needs a little something more. In this Snapchat video, this lucky white cock gets more than he could’ve ever bargained for. Not only does he get a pair of fat tits in his face but he gets two enthusiastic hands on his thick penis. The girl’s chubby titties flap around while she uses both hands to play with his hard dong. This sexy Snapchat woman can’t get enough. Once she has his cock nice and hard, she opens her mouth and shoves it deep into her throat. With one hand on his penis, she jams his cock into her mouth and doesn’t look back. He forcibly grabs the back of her head and forces her down until her nose touches his balls and pubic hair. She gasps for air but secretly wants to be punished even more.

Next, it is time to turn her over for good fucking. The guy dominantly forces his whore onto her knees before sticking his chubby cock into her wet pussy. She moans as the cock slides in and out, and you know this man had a satisfying ending.

3. Petite Snapchat blonde riding big dick with her beautiful pussy

Some women know how to ride a cock better than others, and this white Snapchat whore has it down pat. As the video begins, this babe wastes no time bouncing around on this guy’s white dick. His huge cock violently rips into her pussy, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She ramps up the speed and drives the cock deeper into her pussy hole. Things start off slow until she finds her rhythm, and things pick up rapidly. This skilled woman twerks her tight body while his cock violates her insides. Her tight asshole bounces around on his thighs as she forces his cock deeper into his hole. The speed increases, and she shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

When her energy has depleted, it is time for him to dominate her gaping pussy. He flips her around onto all fours and sticks his dick head straight into her tight pussy. She doesn’t sit back and wait tough. He pounds his cock into her insides, and she pushes back while moaning all the while. This woman is a pro and could easily be a Snapchat porn star.

4. Slutty Snapchat Asian giving sensual blowjob to a white dick and riding it

In this clip, we meet a guy who has an Asian fever. He knows that tonight is the night is going to have his way with this beautiful black-headed Snapchat lady. And, he isn’t going to take it easy on her either. At the start of the video, his cock is already jammed deep inside of her oriental pussy and he is just getting started. His rock-hard penis is ready for a night of war as he pushes upward and she moans a little louder with each thrust. His hands grasp her lovely thighs while his long cock forcibly rips into her pussy hole and she loves every minute of it. She belongs to him tonight, and he won’t stop until his penis is dripping with cum.

He slams his cock into her organs and she stops momentarily. This is when things get intense. He switches to another gear and speeds things up immediately. His cock is rubbed raw while her pussy is left aching, but they moan in pleasure. This beautiful Snapchat Asian bad has given this lucky one the night of his life. He’ll never forget that.

5. Dirty Snapchat Chinese flashing tits and giving blowjob in public

Chinese Snapchat girlfriend teases her boyfriend by exposing her small, firm tits. When a passerby passes, she pretends as if nothing is going on. After reaching a remote area, she removes her bra and sensually plays with her inverted nipples. She continues to tease her boyfriend while dropping her pants to expose her hairless pussy. Still squeezing her tiny brown nipples, she gives her boyfriend a daring look that says, “come take me if you can”.

The boyfriend approaches, and within seconds, her mouth engulfs his entire swollen cock. This is one girlfriend that knows how to devour a cock. She firmly grasps the boyfriend’s cock in her hand while sucking the tip roughly. Staring directly at the camera, she teases his cock with her tongue.

Just when you think the video comes to an end, the Chinese sweetheart shows off her perfectly round ass. The boyfriend finishes by spewing hot cum all over her face. She laps the cum up with her tongue before the video finally comes to an end.

This is a great but short Snapchat video that is just enough to make any male jizz in his pants. The girlfriend portrayed in the video is not all that innocent and sweet. Do not be fooled by this cute, innocent face. This is an experienced, naughty, and willing Snapchat chick that needs to be taught a lesson or two. Highly recommend to any horny male who needs quick release.

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