We have lots of Snapchat videos and snaps on FKBAE. So many that you can spend the whole day watching videos on our website without being bored. However, we understand that out of all the videos we upload, there will be ones you like and those you don't like. And it will be very hard for you if you have to click through the links to go from page to page just to find the content you like. Right? Thus, to help you experience FKBAE easier and better, we have created two separate systems that support searching Snapchat videos, in addition to using the search bar. They are video categories and video tags. While categories are used to sort and group broad topics together, we use tags to cover smaller, more specific topics. For example, we have a category containing all content related to nude women. When you come here, you can find all kinds of nude videos of different types of women. From young to old, from legal teen to milf, from blonde to brunette, etc. All. However, if you have a particular preference for a certain type of nude, such as you like watching sexy naked brunettes, the fastest way for you to find your favorite content is to use tags. In this case, it's ‘naked brunettes’. You get the idea.

So the tags are like FKBAE’s index words while categories are the table of contents. On this page, we list all the tags we have assigned to our posts. These are the words we use to describe a given Snapchat video. What it is about. The overall context of it, so on. And individual things. Everything. So don't get confused if you see a video appearing on a few different tag pages, because a video may have lots of tags. We always try to best describe the content of videos with tags. So, if you see on a video page a tag related to a specific type of content, you can be assured that this video will definitely have that content. Hence you won't have to play a video to know if there's something you need. Looking at these tags is also a good way for you to tell what we have available on this site quickly. And if we don't have something you want, you can always suggest us to add new tags.